AAA: Abbreviations And Acronyms.

There are definitely times where abbreviations and acronyms help, but the world’s starting to abuse it just a little too much with the prevalence of texting and instant messaging.

MukTuk asked me what “WRU” meant. My best guess was “Where are you?” but I have no clue if that was right. Then I saw ROFL recently and couldn’t really figure the phrase out. Why would you include “On” in the abbreviation, but not “The” in “Rolling on the floor, laughing.” WHO CAME UP WITH THESE ACRONYMS?!

Someday soon, they will have to release a dictionary of abbreviations and acronyms. Or a website so I can do a quick search. Never mind! Found one. Seems like there are plenty of people out there who are just confused as I am! There’s also an internet slang version.

TIFN. CYL. G2G figure out what some of these ABBR means and get some *$.  (Don’t worry, I had to look up TIFN after I wrote it too.)


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