How To Draw Books

Every Disney How To Draw Book Created As Of Today!

I Love My Collection!!!



You know what really breaks my break my chopsticks…

1.) when rice gets stuck on the bottom of my socks!

2.) when people do not fold their clothes correctly and just crumples it into their draws

3.) when someone stares at you and you look back and they are still staring.. wtf is their problem!?

4.) when I get .99 cents in change cause I ain’t got no penny!

5.) when I am a pedestrian and there are cars EVERYWHERE!

6.) when I am a driver and there are hella pedestrians crossing on RED!

7.) Donald Duck doesn’t wear pants, but comes out of the shower in a towel…

8.) when the gum doesn’t give up on the bottom of my shoe…

9.) being a girl, in a dirty ass restaurant and having to squat over a toilet 😦

10.) when I have a booger on my face and no one tells me D;

Netflix double-take.

So I was perusing movies and shows to watch on Netflix and came across a couple of movies I thought I recognized.

You thought you saw something you recognized, didn’t you? 

Nope! Fooled me too.

I decided to click and see what they were about. Who knows? Might be even better than the real movies!

Netflix, thank you for explaining that it’s a “lower-budget alternative” to the Disney movie. I’m sure you just put that there so you don’t get angry calls from people expecting the Disney version.

I would have given the movie a chance, but you make the description sound terrible. Basically, you’re telling me it’s a cheap-o version of a good Disney movie where the girl looks for her husband so she doesn’t end up broke poor. In vain.

Let me look that up on Merriam-Webster for you:

So you mean to tell me, this girl is essentially a gold-digger, looking for a guy so she can have her money, and she FAILS?

Seriously. Who is going to watch this?!

Also, “Not every frog turns out to be a prince!”

Thanks for spoiling it. I guess the frog doesn’t turn into a prince in this one.

But wait! There’s another one!

Thanks again for reminding me it’s unrelated to the Disney film. Unfortunately, your picture looks a lot like the one from Up! Can’t blame people for thinking it’s that one movie.

I feel betrayed. Kind of like “the cake is a lie” thing.

Aladdin Has A D D

Aladdin tells Jasmine he wants to talk @1:56 . Aladdin starts talking, but then he gets distracted hella quick and starts singing…don’t you wish all BFs were kinda like that. Then whenever they are interested in discussing useless things…you can just start singing and the convo is skipped. 🙂