The 90s were the BEST!

Before people were obsessed with FB comments and how many likes they have on their photos…kids actually had real fun. I miss those days.

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Good Office Pranks

Ever feel cheeky and want to do something fun at work, but not offensive to your coworkers?

Here is an idea. Cuz I ❤ my co-worker so much! I decided to provide him with a good morning “hello” on his desktop computer.  He’ll have a shock when he swishes his mouse and the black screen changes into a picture of a beautiful angel! 🙂 🙂 hahaha. Imagine if you did this to all the computers in the office. 🙂 You’d get a promotion for sure! Just kidding, but definitely fun. MUAHAHAHAAHAHA.

The Steps:
1. Take an interesting picture  using webcam
2. Write a nice message using paint
3. Blame someone else on the bottom (if you can get your boss to support your idea…even better)
4. Save their original desktop picture on the desktop so they can easily switch it back
Note: Make sure you know your office culture. This sort of thing might still piss some people off, especially if they are grumps or possessive over their computers and office space! 

The YMCA Remade



I wish the Y had money when I was young. Then we would’ve been able to enjoy the pimped out facilities and I wouldn’t have had to learn to play fooseball and pingpong by myself!  The economy is crap so we need more places to build more things!! Support the Y and visit the new place!!!! Give up yo money.  Although Chinatown YMCA is probably better with its new fancy make-over…I can’t help but miss the empty yard.  If you have an empty yard… it is the best place to play dodge ball and throw stuff at people from the balcony…and then run when they shout.  Think about it. FUN! i hate school.