Macro spelling problems.

Acess? Access?

Convieniently? Conviniently? Conveniently?

 Possy? Possi? Posse? (This one curtisey courtesy of MukTuk.) (See?! I did it again.)

Whenever I have to write something and have to be super careful or when I have to write or cut out big letters for a poster, I am always doomed to spell something wrong.

Misspelled words

I don’t get it. I can type it easily out when I’m not thinking about it too much, but the moment I start to be extra careful about spelling, I end up missing a letter or replacing an A or E randomly somewhere.

I’m sure this doesn’t just happen to me though, right?

I can’t imagine what it was like back in the day when you had to pull out a giant dictionary to check spelling. How I have SpellChecker on my MS Word and Google to check all my spelling on the internet. If you checked my web search history, you will surely find lots of misspelled words that I was trying to figure out how to spell correctly.

I don’t misspell mispell misspell words that often. (Yes, I think it’s misspelled…)


Let me Google that.

I’m sure I was just as inquisitive before Google became popular. I just can’t remember what I used to say.

Now I just “google” it.

I don’t think I ever said “Let me Yahoo! that.” Doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Maybe I just opened a dictionary or encyclopedia back then.

That seems like a lot of work. Not sure if I was that curious of a child.

Okapi said “check online?”

Not sure if she said it as a statement, or wanted me to really go check online.

Either way, that sounds about right.

See? This is why I have her. So I don’t have to go Google it. 

Are Chickens Girls or Boys?

I was watching Parental Control on MTV and the farmer named his chickens Dave and John (his chickens live in the hen house and lay eggs).  I thought chickens were only female and roosters were the males. Is a rooster really considered a chicken?

Disney made Chicken Little…I think there were male chickens…or maybe they meant to call it Rooster Little. Chicken Run also had a male, but I think they called him a rooster and all girls were chickens…

Dern. Now I have no idea what chicken is a boy and what chicken is a girl. I tried to google it…and people seem just as confused. O WELL. I should know this…esp cuz our family has a chicken coop in our front yard in Malaysia. Depression.









-On a less confusing note…this song is nice-

Stalking in the Archaic Times.

Back before the age of technology, …

… before the prevalence of Facebook, Google, Twitter…

… before the times of Myspace and Friendster…

… even before the widespread use of the World Wide Web…

… people stalked each other through the White Pages.

(Ok. I know it’s yellow, but the front is where the white pages are…)


I opened a phone book today for the first time to actually search for something, and a couple of thoughts ran through my head:

  1. Where’s the phone book at my house…? Do I even have one?!
  2. I wonder if color blind people can see the big red 9-1-1 on the front page. Is it still red? Maybe it’s tinted green…
  3. Do people still pay to be put in the phone book? Do people have to pay to be put in the white pages section?
  4. How does the phone book company make money if people get it for free…?
  5. This is really an inconvenient way to look for something. The internet would have been faster. I knew I should have Google’d it.
  6. Why do they make the business section yellow and the people section white? Wouldn’t it be cheaper to make the smaller people section yellow and the big business section white?! And why yellow?!
  7. This is totally a waste of paper.
  8. I bet people who had to look up stuff at a phone booth would be really pissed if someone tore out random pages of the phone book.
  9. Actually, that would be a funny prank.
  10. The white pages is kind of stalker-ish. There are people’s names, addresses, AND phone numbers.

I wasn’t listed in the phone book. Darn.