That was an interesting marketing idea, Heinz…

If you were young in the 90’s, you’ll remember this one: PURPLE and GREEN KETCHUP!

Hell yeah! That was the weirdest marketing idea they came up with at Heinz. It only made eating French fries even more awesome!

Except for the red one. You can’t fool us. Normal ketchup’s already red!!

See? So fun!

Too bad people found eating purple and green ketchup to be too weird.

It was a good try, Heinz. 


Stop? or Go?!

If you ever walk around a government building (or any other building for that matter), you should be able to easily spot emergency exits in the event if a fire or disaster. These exits or pathways are almost always indicated by the big bold and red EXIT signs. My questions is: why red?!

Traffic Light Clip ArtThink about it. When you come to a traffic light, do you stop or go at red? Stop obviously (unless you are a thrill chaser or an Oakland police officer).

When you look at no smoking signs and no cell phones signs, it’s always a slash or X denoting that something isn’t allowed.

Isn’t it confusing to say red means stop in multiple instances, but it means go in an emergency. Does that mean that the color red can be an exception in emergencies?! Am i allowed to smoke or run a red light in an emergency?! Way too confusing.

Not to mention people who are illiterate or do not understand English cannot read the word “Exit.” Why is the exit the only sign that is in only words? That makes no sense to me. If someone couldn’t read English in normal life, how would learn to read English in an emergency situation?!

I propose the United States adopt a building code to match that of Asian, where all the exit signs are GREEN and usually accompany a picture of a person running. Why? Because green means GO as in “Go through this door to escape from the fire!”

See? So much clearer which way is the exit.

This also opens so many doors for funny looking ads like this one:

I am surprised our country has not realized that the red exit sign can be really confusing, despite the fact that our country is primarily made of immigrants from other countries around the world.

If only they would just change all the signs to purple. That would be way cool!

Stalking in the Archaic Times.

Back before the age of technology, …

… before the prevalence of Facebook, Google, Twitter…

… before the times of Myspace and Friendster…

… even before the widespread use of the World Wide Web…

… people stalked each other through the White Pages.

(Ok. I know it’s yellow, but the front is where the white pages are…)


I opened a phone book today for the first time to actually search for something, and a couple of thoughts ran through my head:

  1. Where’s the phone book at my house…? Do I even have one?!
  2. I wonder if color blind people can see the big red 9-1-1 on the front page. Is it still red? Maybe it’s tinted green…
  3. Do people still pay to be put in the phone book? Do people have to pay to be put in the white pages section?
  4. How does the phone book company make money if people get it for free…?
  5. This is really an inconvenient way to look for something. The internet would have been faster. I knew I should have Google’d it.
  6. Why do they make the business section yellow and the people section white? Wouldn’t it be cheaper to make the smaller people section yellow and the big business section white?! And why yellow?!
  7. This is totally a waste of paper.
  8. I bet people who had to look up stuff at a phone booth would be really pissed if someone tore out random pages of the phone book.
  9. Actually, that would be a funny prank.
  10. The white pages is kind of stalker-ish. There are people’s names, addresses, AND phone numbers.

I wasn’t listed in the phone book. Darn.