Upgrade Needed

You know you need new internet at home…when you rather use your smart phone because it is faster.


The face of Silicon Valley start-ups.

I don’t think these people are a fair representation of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.


Bravo might want to actually go to Silicon Valley before they make a “reality” show called “Start-Ups: Silicon Valley.”

I very much agree with this girl….

Let me Google that.

I’m sure I was just as inquisitive before Google became popular. I just can’t remember what I used to say.

Now I just “google” it.

I don’t think I ever said “Let me Yahoo! that.” Doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Maybe I just opened a dictionary or encyclopedia back then.

That seems like a lot of work. Not sure if I was that curious of a child.

Okapi said “check online?”

Not sure if she said it as a statement, or wanted me to really go check online.

Either way, that sounds about right.

See? This is why I have her. So I don’t have to go Google it. 

C’mon AT&T!

Oreo and I went on another hiking trip today, this time to Tilden Regional Park in Berkeley.

Lately, I’ve been too busy exploring the rest of the Bay Area that I forgot about the massive parks that surround me. I keep thinking that people who live near Golden Gate Park are lucky to have such a beautiful park that I forget I live right next to Redwood Regional Park and Tilden Regional Park (among others).

Anyways, during our hike, I was able to keep track of our progress as to not get lost or lose the car again and it dawned on me: I have service in the middle of nowhere.

Okay, yes, it’s not really the middle of nowhere, but considering that at home, half the house has amazing service with full bars while the other side of the house is a dead zone, it’s amazing that there’s service where no one is living. What’s up with that, AT&T?!

I do appreciate getting service at the park though! It would certainly come in handy if I get lost with my dog. 🙂

Hope AT&T sees this and service is better at the house. Fingers-crossed!

Please help me find my car: a brilliant app idea!

Warm spring weather finally arrived to the Bay Area this week. Oreo and I wanted to make sure we soaked up the sun before it goes away again next week, so we did a little bit of roaming in the city. Doesn’t he look super happy?

Our walk was lovely up until the end, when I realized I had somewhat lost track of where we went, and thus technically, lost the car. With my handy-dandy smartphone, I back-tracked our steps to where we started and eventually found it. Just in time too! Our 3-hour parking was almost up and you know how quick those SF meter maids can be…

This got me thinking: the best app you could make for a smartphone (besides gps navigation and photo sharing, that is) would let me pinpoint exactly where I left my car and help me get back in time before I get a ticket.

Too many times, I’ve parked my car on the street or in a garage and went about my business, only to forget which gate I entered or how long my car has been there. In the past, I’ve walked across campus to the parking garage only to remember once I get there that I parked on the other side of campus at another garage.

Maybe this is only a problem for forgetful people like me, but if there was an app for this, my smartphone would be totally be worth it. I would even reserve a spot on the home screen just for it!

If someone makes this app after this post, they owe me some money for the idea!

Good Office Pranks

Ever feel cheeky and want to do something fun at work, but not offensive to your coworkers?

Here is an idea. Cuz I ❤ my co-worker so much! I decided to provide him with a good morning “hello” on his desktop computer.  He’ll have a shock when he swishes his mouse and the black screen changes into a picture of a beautiful angel! 🙂 🙂 hahaha. Imagine if you did this to all the computers in the office. 🙂 You’d get a promotion for sure! Just kidding, but definitely fun. MUAHAHAHAAHAHA.

The Steps:
1. Take an interesting picture  using webcam
2. Write a nice message using paint
3. Blame someone else on the bottom (if you can get your boss to support your idea…even better)
4. Save their original desktop picture on the desktop so they can easily switch it back
Note: Make sure you know your office culture. This sort of thing might still piss some people off, especially if they are grumps or possessive over their computers and office space!