Rubberbands Can Fix Everything

If your toilet is having trouble flushing…I’ve learned from my Ah Kong…rubberbands can really fix many things :)!



Worst Places To Be During A Natural Disaster

  1. On the toilet (if it is a porta potty…even worse)
  2. Sedated in a complicated life-threatening surgery
  3. In a lab handling deadly chemicals
  4. On the ride Drop Zone at Great American at the top waiting to get dropped
  5. On a bridge next to a big rig carrying flammable materials
  6. On highest floor of a tall building that has only one stairway
  7. Waiting at the back of the airplane at the end of the queue to get off the plane
  8. Kidnapped with your hands and feet tied in a steel cage in an old building in an abandoned city in the desert
  9. At a concert with millions of people packed into a small stadium
  10. Zip-lining across the Grand Canyon
  11. Pumping gas next to someone smoking a cigarette
  12. In a glass house

I’m sure there are many more…

American Toilets Are Cheap. Malaysian Toilets Make Sense.

Did you ever wonder why American toilets have doors and walls that never go all the way down to the floor?  The doors ALWAYS stop at people’s shins. Why? Are American manufacturers really that cheap that they can’t spend some extra money on materials to make the door go all the way down to the floor so we can have a little more privacy?

You don’t want the person next to you to be able to look at your feet or realize you are next to each other. Admit it. Sometimes if you are bored you will check out what nail polish the girl is wearing or why her shoes look like she picked them up off the corner for free. HELLO. Other people do it to you too.  Or sometimes you see people let their clothes touch the ground in the bathroom.  Yuck.

Sometimes I think Americans have these types of doors for situations where toilet paper runs out. Then pass it to the person next to you is easy. But…still…AWKWARD.

Malaysian toilets make more sense. The doors go all the way to the floor and they have a green/red indicator on the door to show if it is occupied or not.  There are no cracks where people walk buy and see blurred images of people. Even more awkward than passing toilet paper.  People don’t have to push the door or knock on it to check if someone is in there.  People don’t have to be weird and look under the stall to see feet to see if someone is in there. And when you see someone is. Jump up hella quick like you weren’t tryna peep on them.Weird.

However, I will admit American toilets are cleaner than Malaysian toilets and the plumbing system is 100 times better in the States. Plus American bathrooms provide you with toilet paper. In Malaysia you have to bring your own. If stores left paper in the toilets people would steal them and take it home. Makes sense. Free toilet paper.

The two countries could learn alot from each other and invent the bathroom that makes the most sense and is the most clean.