The (not so perfect) car.

I used to think that Asians always chose Asian-brand cars because they were superior in quality. Now I know the real reason:  American-brand cars are too big for tiny Asian people.

See? He's happy. Why? Cuz he fits in his car.

If you’re as lucky as me, you find the perfect car for you, one that has everything you want and everything is in it’s proper place. When I sit in my car, it feels like everything is custom fitted to me (ok.. a lot of this has to do with our own chair/mirror adjustments, but that’s beside the point). Things work to make the driving experience great. In my opinion, a car isn’t just an object bought for necessity. You will probably use it every day for many, many years. Why should you have a bad experience every time you get into your car? I am sure PoopMaster (aka DisneyDork) can understand what I mean… (Yes, we have the same car. In the same color. Bought in the same year. Coincidence? I think possibly she copied me!!)

Currently, I’m using a rental car that is practically the entire opposite of my beloved Black Organization. (Yes I named my car. He is named after Detective Conan. Go look it up!)

(My first car was named Baby Blue. She was a loyal car. My second was the Dark Knight. Unfortunately, it met the same fate as the Batmobile.)(Back to the subject…)

I asked the car rental company to give me the cheapest car they have, one that would definitely not go over the $25 a day budget my insurance would pay for. What did they give me? A white, 4-door, 2011 Chevy Aveo. If you know what I drive, this is the complete opposite, literally down to the color.

Now I’m not complaining about the car: it functions perfectly fine, but as a little Asian girl, there are things you just miss sitting in an American-brand car.

Being short has it’s disadvantages. Apparently limited choice in cars is one of them.

  • The car is like 2 feet off the ground. Obviously made so tall people don’t have to wiggle their way into the car. I feel like princess getting into a high horse carriage every time I get into the car. All the other cars around me are merely peasants.
  • The door only has one handle and it’s located close to where the door hinges on the car. This makes it completely difficult to close the door if you are weak. There’s no leverage and you can’t build momentum to close the door!
  • The seat only goes so high. Not only do I have to pull it forward and still sit uncomfortably, but I’m putting myself at risk of having my head knocked off if the airbag ever deploys.
  • Even with my chair all the way up and pulled forward, the visor STILL doesn’t cover my eyes. I’m one of those drivers that is literally blinded by the sun.
  • There’s no cover on the mirror on the visor. I like looking at my forehead, just not 100% of time I’m driving.
  • There is only one armrest on the inside of the car for the driver. When there’s a passenger, it’s like wrestling for the armrest on an airplane. Except it’s obviously mine.
  • The other armrest on the sides of the door are too low. When you rest on it, you risk looking like you are a wannabe gangster. In a white car.
  • I actually have to read where the needle points to know how fast I’m going. My eyes can’t be focused on the road AND on the speedometer. I miss the digital speedometer.
  • The car uses gas like it’s free air. Seriously. I filled up the tank twice already, and it hasn’t even been a week.
  • There is no way to speed or weave in and out of traffic in this car. It’s too slow at accelerating and too unstable being so high up the in the clouds. I like my cars closer to the ground so the wind doesn’t blow me away.

You never truly appreciate what you’ve got until it’s gone. Yes, even cars.

Rest in Peace, Dark Knight. I will surely miss you! And yes, I totally got a replacement. Sorry. He’s exactly like you, but even better. 


Stalking in the Archaic Times.

Back before the age of technology, …

… before the prevalence of Facebook, Google, Twitter…

… before the times of Myspace and Friendster…

… even before the widespread use of the World Wide Web…

… people stalked each other through the White Pages.

(Ok. I know it’s yellow, but the front is where the white pages are…)


I opened a phone book today for the first time to actually search for something, and a couple of thoughts ran through my head:

  1. Where’s the phone book at my house…? Do I even have one?!
  2. I wonder if color blind people can see the big red 9-1-1 on the front page. Is it still red? Maybe it’s tinted green…
  3. Do people still pay to be put in the phone book? Do people have to pay to be put in the white pages section?
  4. How does the phone book company make money if people get it for free…?
  5. This is really an inconvenient way to look for something. The internet would have been faster. I knew I should have Google’d it.
  6. Why do they make the business section yellow and the people section white? Wouldn’t it be cheaper to make the smaller people section yellow and the big business section white?! And why yellow?!
  7. This is totally a waste of paper.
  8. I bet people who had to look up stuff at a phone booth would be really pissed if someone tore out random pages of the phone book.
  9. Actually, that would be a funny prank.
  10. The white pages is kind of stalker-ish. There are people’s names, addresses, AND phone numbers.

I wasn’t listed in the phone book. Darn.