How To Make A Snowman Using Your Freezer

Think it is impossible? Well…you are wrong.

1) Accidentally leave your freezer open like this.


2) As a result of your accident, the freezer will probably ice up like this.


The freezer door being open creates frost. When frost build up occurs its because warmer outside air is getting into the freezer and the moisture from that warm air cools and condensates then freezes into frost or ice.

3) Use a knife to chop off all the ice. Be careful. knives are sharp and ice can be very stubborn.


4) You may need to clear out the contents in the freezer to really get all the snow.



5) Collect all the snow in bowls.


6) Put everything back nicely in your freezer.


7) Make 3 different sized balls using the snow.

download (7)

8) Put the snowballs on top of one another, dress up you snowman, and give it a face.


Hairclip = Mouth
Post its = Hat
Eyes = Candy Eyes
Scarf = String/Ribbon
Arms = Chopsticks

9) You can do more than one type of design.


10) The end. Enjoy. Just saved you money and a trip to tahoe.


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