Princess and the Frog

I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE Disney, but did anyone notice that the one movie where there is an African American Princess…she is actually a green frog for the majority of the movie.  I don’t think they did it on purpose, but something I noticed while watching. Luckily Mulan was Chinese the whole movie….although she was a cross dresser. O well. Don’t over analyze Disney. Take it for the greatness it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Disneyland in December. <3. You can come with me if you go by yourself. See you there.

P.S. Midget is a rainstorm typer. CUZ WHEN YOU WEBCAM SHE TYPE SO FAST AND LOUD SOUND LIKE A BIG RAINSTORM COMING. then she click click click on that silly iphone of hers make more noise. the end. go away.


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